Wednesday, April 28, 2010

इंजीनियरिंग का क्रेज

आजकल इंजीनियरिंग स्टुडेंट का हर जगह चर्चा है, और उनकी लाइफ स्टाइल की बात न हों तो शायद बात अधूरी है, आज हम आपको एक इंजीनियरिंग स्टुडेंट की सोच उसी की जुबानी सुनते हैं- हमारे बीच शिखा वर्मा "परी" अपना तजुर्बा बाँट रही हैं।--
hello friends !!!
i a new member in your family today is gone to tell you something about the life i am going through which is horrible, terrific, amazing, surprizing and fearful. Hey you all guested it right.i m doing B.TECH.from UPTU.
Though i was very happy in the instantaneous stage where i first stepped on the stairs of my engineering college. i was excited, thrilled happy at my first step
on the stairs but it was unfortunetly my bad luck .i believe where i was entering the doors of terror.
UPTU examinations were held on 28th may 2009 and through counseling students select a perticular college according to their own choice, the students who already had pre- experience becoz of some their family reference, their students mentality etc.but there are some students who do not know even ABC of B. TECH. step in this field and then they are excited and thrilled when they are able to get admission in B.TECH., there are certain students who take admission in B.TECH. due to donation by buying the college we can educational field "quota" is the term given to the bribery which the people give to the college as a sign of admission. if we woke the people innocent parents, innocent students for the admission to B.TECH. how badly they are being cheatedeven we know that the college given the money in thousds and will not be giving the full opportunity to the students, full facilities, full comforts to the students of B.TECH. if the education system is so honest as they prove then what is the use of giving big donation to the colleges without weighing the weight of the education level or the IQ level of students. is this a right education?? if yes then definitely tell ur 5 near ones to once apply it.

- शिखा वर्मा "परी"
( writer is studying in Engineering)

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